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Beth and Griffon
Full Australian Shepherd!

Born April 30th
Ready to go home June 25th

This is kind of litter makes me so proud to be a breeder!

Lindseys Blue Griffon of Hornbacks
Stunning thick built with good bone
12.5 in 16 lbs. 


Beth is a daughter of our Famous Ruby and HiWay. 

ASDR Registered Australian Shepherd. She is Full panel Clear 13 in tall and slender built. So Very Smart. She is the best mannered dog. 


Puppies are available with a $300 non refundable deposit. To be paid in full by 7 weeks of age. They have a 2 year genetic health guarantee. And all prices are Pet price. Breeders please inquire.

If you are looking for a tiny toy that is 8 or 9 lbs these are not those pups. If you are looking for toy size built like a real australian shepherd. Good bone thick body with a nice head,. then these are the pups for you. Working dog attitude. Agility lines with conformation looks.

Blue Collar

The Smallest boy in the litter But man is he thick! He loves people and was very hard to get pictures of as he kept trying to get in my lap!! lol


Red Collar Male

This bright blue eyed boy has been everyones pick!! Stunning color with that black ear to really set him apart! super adventurous!


Green Collar

My pick of the litter! I love his face! his build! just everything about this boy so far!!


Red Merle Female

Those big blue eyes!! How can you resist this stunning girl!!


Pink collar

This girl is showing real promise to be a working dog/ agility girl! lots of videos on HK facebook page of her! I only had 2 females in this litter and Im real tempted to keep them both!! and get a male for them. 


Orange collar

This girl is showing real promise to be a working dog/ agility girl! Thick and built! Love these 2 girls!! out going and just so nice!! 


Grey collar

I know your tired of reading this but WOW this boy is nice to! thick and the bone on him! Picking one to keep is so hard but he is in my list of ones to watch!!


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