Pixie and Stone

Born April 5, 2022
Go home May 30th


Pixie is a tiny home grown girl who is a grand daughter of Ginger. Her dad is Hiway. She is about 11 inches and 10 lbs. She is a love bug.  Her babies stay toy sized and full of her sweet personality! 



Hornback's Stone. 


This litter will be small. 10 to 12 lbs. These babies are going to be long legged and tiny. Genetics are crazy and I have seen some wild sizes in my litters but Pixie is consistent with producing tiny babies!

These Toy Aussiedoodles have

Full Tails


Oh MY...
The colors on this tiny boy!! and such a personality. this little boy sits now when ask and is VERY food motivated!
Speaks to now!! so fun learns anything!!