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Retired Moms

Here you will find our retired dogs that deserve more attention than we can give them. they deserve a family and home where they are the main focus. It breaks my heart to let them go but I know they will be happier. Any moms with behavior issues never leave. only those who will adjust well and are fully house trained are place in homes. 

They are never allowed to be rehomed. Only back to me! My girls have life long home here if they don't find the perfect family!

Due to my unexpected health issues I am having to rehome most of my dogs. Retired Moms deserve all the love and attention of a family. They will ONLY be house dogs no Chains or pens outside!! They have always had air conditioning and heat. Fenced yard.
All my girls are used to a doggie door but will learn to ask to go out.

Poodle Girls



Redi is a Sunny daughter. She is sweet and easy going and will climb in my lap anytime she can. she never does anything wrong. and is a dream to be in the house. 

she is about 13 lbs.

She has her first litter of pups now that will wean the end of November. She will be ready for her new home then. she would do fine with kids or being an only dog.

Doodle Girls



Raven is a Beth and Stone baby. She is a good quiet little girl. No bad habits at all except that she loves dirt LOL She will play and roll in the dirt every chance she gets. LOL she would do well with kids and an active family. She is 2.5 and has had one litter. 18 to 20 lbs


Brandi has a litter of pups now by Ripple. She is fun outgoing girl. She is a daughter of Dawn from her first litter by Griffon. Very playful and independent.  will do well with an active household. She would love out door activities with a family. she is 18ish lbs.


Cammi is a Raven daughter. She is 3/4 australian shepherd but has great furnishings so very little shedding. She is a submissive dog. So will be best with only one other non dominate dog. She allows the other dogs to pick on her. She LOVES people will do well with kids. she is to smart and never goes to the kennel with all the dogs as a pack if she can stay out of sight she will to be able to sleep in my bed LOL If you call her she comes right away and goes right in her pen but if you don't notice and leave her out she is the happiest! she is a thicker girl. 18 or 20 lbs. she is 10 months old


Kenzi does not care for men. She just avoids them. she had very limited socialization before coming to us at 1 yr old. She is timid and shy. But Loyal beyond measure. She will sleep beside my bed and not move till I get up. then stay with me all day. She is submissive to other dogs Older teenagers would be fine but no little kids. she is a toy size aussie at about 13 inches and 16 lbs. 

She will chase and eat chickens. But so will I LOL

Australian Shepherd Girls


Cinnamon is a good girl but not house trained. She was 2 when we got her. She would do good on a farm. She loves to come in the house at night and sleep but goes out during the day. She would do best with family with time to spend with her and no little kids. 10yr and up would be ok. BET (Blue eyed Tri) she has 2 blue eyes. 


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