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Board and Train

We get so many request for puppies that are already crate trained, potty trained, know basic commands so we have been working toward a new goal here at Hornback Kennel. We will now offer Board and Train using our Baxter and Bella partner ship. This will be and add on to one of our puppies for those who want to by pass the whole crate training at home. 

Starting at 8 weeks old your puppy gets one on one attention 6 days a week with a day off for fun and rest!

Multiple times a day they are introduced to the crate with a goody to make them look forward to the crate. We begin them with crate games that teaches them that the crate is their safe place.

We are also working on their Come, Sit, Down, no bite, potty training and so much more. 

We continue to work with them on grooming, and big scary things such as blow dryers, water, vacuums and clippers.


Each puppy will be paired with their own Snuggle Puppy. A stuffed animal that has a warming pack and heartbeat to make their transition to the crate easier. It will smell like mom and siblings. This will be theirs to take home with them. 

Puppies staying for board and train will be crate trained beside our beds. Where we can get up and take them out during the night. They will stay in our home with lots of fun time mixed in to produce a well rounded puppy that has a bright huge future as part of your family!

Puppies will be introduced to Car rides, Socialized with other dogs, people, and kids. Puppies will learn not to jump. To sit for attention and to wait for their person to give commands. We work on Leash training. teaching puppies to walk quietly beside you.

We reinforce the no bite and to reduce the mouthing that comes with young puppies. 


Pricing for Board and train as of 3-2021

2 weeks $300 per week

3-4 weeks $275 per week

4-8 weeks $250 per week

4 weeks or more comes with a lifetime enrollment into Baxter and Bella so you can continue to help your puppy become the very best Dog they can be!

Extended stay available just ask.

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