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Our Kennel

I've owned and breed ASDR dogs since 2000 Just as a hobby on the side here and there never really serious. never more than a litter every 2 years or so. Then a couple years ago Mike decided he was tired of chasing cows and riding the tractor all winter long and putting up hay all summer. I had purchased a little pup from a breeder not far from me as a pet. and we had some friends call us wanting to know if we wanted another toy Aussie. Sure. You cant have to many lol. They come over and bring a stunning little black tri female with Rimfire bloodlines. I had had a male from Rimfire back many years prior and loved him. So Mike bought Atty and as we are walking to the house with her he ask if I was serious about raising some dogs. Well heck yeah been trying to get started for years but something always came up. He said lets sell the cows and invest in some real dogs... Umm ok. well little did I know he meant dogs costing more than the car I was driving. LOL I hit the internet and went to shopping before he could change his mind!! We bought 2 from Little Paws Aussies a red tri and a blue merle from Spirit Mesa. 

Ginger and Rowdy. Wow did we learn a lot real quick!! We needed Fence and a lot of it. we needed Kennels and they better be concrete floors and heated and cooled. Shew we spent a fortune on getting our place fixed for dogs.  We Spend all our free time with the dogs. 

My dogs eat better than I do most days, take more vitamins & supplements than I do. My electric has tripled, my laundry loads get bigger and bigger, and the room in my house gets smaller and smaller. My normal schedule gets interrupted by feeding and cleaning through out the day. I have more whelping supplies than I do medicine and first aid supplies and add more with every litter.
My feet find the way to the puppy pen before I have even brush my teeth in the morning and the puppy pens are my last stop before bed. While my friends are on vacation I am raising and caring for puppies and adults. I haven't had a real vacation in years, but maybe one day. All plans are made around heat dates, whelp dates, puppies going to their new homes and vet dates.
I have been covered in more bodily fluids from my dogs on more occasions than I care to admit. When I get exhausted and feel like I can't do another sleepless night checking and worrying about that pup who is struggling, I remind myself that he needs me now and if my efforts save him it was all worth it.
I sacrifice my own comfort to sleep on the floor next to the whelping box waiting for it all to begin so I can help bring those precious babies into the world. I have a whelping box & supplies in my bedroom, rather than nice furniture, so I can hear every time a puppy makes a squeak or to jump up in a panic making sure everyone is ok. Many people wouldn't understand how it feels to have invested hours and hours in a weak puppy to ultimately lose it or the joy and
relief I feel when all the hours have paid off in one that makes it.
My Vet knows me and my children well and has witnessed me cry countless times.
To me that 63 days takes on new meaning still excited by every new life and still as nervous as I was for my very first litter. It is momma and me making sure those babies are ok, cutting cords, drying off, warming up and making sure they are latching on. It is I who has breathed the first breath of life into a puppy who has refused to take that first breath. Even though it increases my work load, I look forward to the day when eyes open, and puppies begin to emerge from the helplessness of newborns. Puppy breath, a first bark, first meal, first time they start playing is what I look forward to. I am a lover of animals and I have found my passion.
I take great responsibility for every life I bring into this world and try my best to ensure it goes to a wonderful, loving and perfect home an extension of the same love and care they received while in my my care. I offer life time homes for a all my puppies I have created.  I am not raking in money while sitting on my butt. Every penny I make I earn through blood, sweat, hard work and tears. My greatest joy is a healthy puppy and a wonderful home. The pictures and updates of my puppies with their new families are the benefits of my efforts.
I am an animal lover, nurse, midwife, heavy laborer, customer service representative and marketer and PROUDLY I AM THE FIRST PERSON WHO LOVED AND ADORED THAT FLUFFY WIGGLE BUTT YOU NOW CALL YOUR BABY!

Thank you for Choosing one of our babies. 

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