How big will my Puppy Get?

Everyone want to know how much will my puppy weigh when it gets grown?

Several things are going to go into this. First Genetics, and Genetics are CRAZY. These dogs have been bred down in size over generations. In doing so we have created a genetic pool that each puppy will pull from. Mom and Dad both contribute to this pool and depending on what each parent gives to that puppy it can vary wildly. For the most part we can guesstimate the size your baby will be. We try to follow our previous litters and get height and weight of the pups grown. First time parents make this hard to do but for the most part our puppies all stay under 20 lbs. 

Weight has so many variables. I cringe when someone ask what will your puppies weigh as an adult. Well at what age will they be fixed? HOw active will you be with your puppy as they age? What kind of food will you feed? All of this goes into deciding the weight your puppy will be when grown. 

Puppies are like human children they never mature alike. They never grow alike. Brothers can look completly

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