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How Do I get My Puppy?

That is a great question! and the answer can vary depending on where you live! 

We offer several ways to get your puppy to you. Pet Nanny, same day fly in, or delivery by vehicle if you are less than 6 hours from us.

Pet Nanny is great if you live a few states away. We have a few that we work with. This is a commercial business that is fully insured to bring your puppy to you. They can charge from $500 to $600 on the Eastern side of the US. We take your puppy to the Louisville Airport and meet one of the pet nannies who flies your pup to you in their lap. They are great at their job and several of them are actually air line stewards that make a bit of extra money using their sky miles!

Same Day Fly In this is great if you have the time to take a day and fly into Louisville airport. We meet you there with your puppy. All you need is an airline approved soft side crate. It is a great affordable way to get your baby. and can save you the most if you book early!

we have found that Delta is the easiest to use for this. Just book your flight in and out on the same day!

Ground transport I will NOT use commercial ground transport. My experiences have not been good. The pups are in crates some times up to a week, these companies do a good job but they are out there to make money and haul several pups at a time zig zagging back and forth across the country to deliver them. So if you are 8 hours from me they can take up to 3 or 4 days to get there. I understand but its not worth if for my pups to be in crates that long. 

I do however have a local guy that will drive my pups to their homes. He actually helps me in the kennels and helps socialize the babies. I trust him 100%. He will do day trips to bring them right to your door and deliver them! I can get you a quote if you like!! He doesn't do over 6 hours from home though. :-) 

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