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Retired Moms

Here you will find our retired dogs that deserve more attention than we can give them. they deserve a family and home where they are the main focus. It breaks my heart to let them go but I know they will be happier. Any moms with behavior issues never leave. only those who will adjust well and are fully house trained are place in homes. 

They are never allowed to be rehomed. Only back to me! My girls have life long home here if they don't find the perfect family!

Retired Moms deserve all the love and attention of a family. ONLY house dogs no Chains or pens outside!! They have always had air conditioning and heat. 270-268-3116


Booboo is a daughter of the late Bindy and Griffon. she is SUPER cuddly and very much a couch potato! She would love to be queen of your couch. Sit on your lap and do absolutely nothing all day !! Very Low energy.

F! Aussiedoodle non shedding

Weight 10 lbs

Age 4 yr


Uses Doggie door or potty pads. Loves her chewys Does great in the house. 

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